C&G Holsters Quickship IWB Tactical SIG P320/X5 Surefire X300 holster
C&G Holsters Quickship IWB Tactical SIG P320/X5 Surefire X300 holster in holstered position
C&G Holsters Quickship IWB Tactical SIG P320/X5 Surefire X300 holster in holstered position back view
C&G Holsters Quickship IWB ALPHA UPGRADE Tactical SIG P320/X5 Surefire X300 holster
C&G Holsters Quickship IWB ALPHA UPGRADE Tactical SIG P320/X5 Surefire X300 holster in holstered position
C&G Holsters Quickship IWB ALPHA UPGRADE Tactical SIG P320/X5 Surefire X300 holster in holstered position back view
P320 X300
C&G Holster Diagram
C&G Holster Diagram
C&G Holsters Detailed Diagram tactical back

SIG P320/M17/P320c/M18/XCarry X300U | IWB TACTICAL/ALPHA Kydex Holster | QUICKSHIP | C&G Holsters

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Quickship IWB TACTICAL ALPHA-Upgradeable Kydex Holster by C&G Holsters

Inside-the-Waistband Light-Bearing Concealed Carry

Made Specifically for the X300U-A, X300U-B, and X300V

Please Note: Weapon light MUST be attached to firearm, holster will NOT fit properly without.

Step into the light of advanced concealed carry with the IWB TACTICAL ALPHA-Upgradeable Kydex Holster from C&G Holsters. Designed for both professionals and civilians who need a dependable, consistent holster for daily use, this inside-the-waistband, light-bearing holster stands as a beacon of innovation and trustworthiness. It's a brilliant example of our dedication to providing products that ensure everyday safety and family protection. Crafted with American expertise, it showcases uncompromising quality and unwavering attention to detail. This holster isn’t just a tool; it's a radiant commitment to strength and stealth. Featuring an audible click and adjustable retention, the IWB TACTICAL Holster elevates your carrying experience to new heights, meeting the needs of everyday carry in any light, day or night.

Precisely molded for the SIG Sauer P320, P320 M17, P320c, P320 M18, and P320 XCarry. Will not fit the X10 or AXG series. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • Light-Bearing: Perfectly fits mounted lights, enhancing your tactical readiness and functionality in any lighting condition.
  • Concealment Focused: Slim design with customizable cant for low-profile, discreet carry.
  • Ergonomic Wedge: Built-in wedge enhances comfort and reduces firearm printing.
  • ALPHA-Upgrade Package: Includes 1.75” CNG metal belt clips and a Light Wing attachment for maximum concealability.
  • Educational Video: Learn more about holster upgrades here.


  • Secure Locking System: Experience the confidence of a solid 'click' each time you holster your firearm. This audible feedback guarantees that your weapon is safely secured.
  • Snug Fit: Custom molded for specific firearm models, our holsters provide a snug fit that reduces weapon movement, enhancing comfort and quick-draw efficiency.
  • Rugged Durability: Built with superior thermoplastic Kydex, this holster is designed to endure harsh conditions, resisting moisture, heat, and impact for long-lasting reliability.
  • Personalized Retention: Customize your holster's grip with adjustable retention screws for a secure fit.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Treated hardware prevents rust and corrosion, prolonging the life of your holster.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Kydex is easy to clean, durable, and won’t absorb moisture or odors. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth using cool, soapy water.
  • Hygienic Material: The antimicrobial nature of Kydex keeps your holster germ-free.


  • Precision Molded: CNC engineered for precision, consistency, and reliability to .003 inches of accuracy.
  • Ergonomic Design: Our Kydex shell is adapted for discreet carry and an ideal fit.
  • Enhanced Safety: Complete trigger guard coverage provides added safety.
  • Smooth Draw: Kydex minimizes friction for quick, reliable access.
  • Optic Compatibility: Fits most RMR/Red Dots. Mention any SROs in your order notes.
  • Tall Sight Channel: Designed to fit suppressor height sights.
  • Open Bottom: Accommodates threaded barrels and most compensators.


  • Proudly American Made: Our products are 100% made in the USA by Veterans and Law Enforcement, reflecting our dedication to faith, family, and service.
  • Lifetime Assurance: We stand by our holsters with a lifetime warranty, exemplifying our commitment to quality and reliability.


  • Quickship Models: Available in black for immediate dispatch.
  • For additional customization options, including color, click here.

Find your path to tactical excellence with the IWB TACTICAL ALPHA-Upgradeable Kydex Holster from C&G Holsters. This holster is a shining example of next-level reliability and discreet efficiency, ideal for those who value quick firearm access while maintaining a low profile. Forged by American Veterans and Law Enforcement, each holster stands as a glowing testament to our ethos of faith, family, and service. Illuminate your carry and elevate your readiness with a holster that offers unparalleled American quality. Shop now and let the IWB TACTICAL Kydex Holster be your guide in the world of concealed carry, brilliantly crafted to keep you safe in any light.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    J.i.R.W. (Oregon)
    Exactly as expected. Really well made

    This holster is superbly made. No shortcuts or shortcomings. Works as intended and really well made. I am very happy with it. I have everything from old and new Raven Concealment, T-Rex Arms, and Tenicor.

    Although not what I would call Tenicor quality of material, it is still very high quality. Material is tough and resilient. Clicks into holster like Kydex should. No weird or even slight misfitment.

    Excellent consistent draw. Used it for carry, and for IDPA without any issues.

    Joey G. (California)
    Legit. Legit.

    Honestly I l love this holster. It was difficult finding a full sized IWB holster with a weapon mounted light. I bought this for the metal clips specifically because I wear athletic waistband pants most of the time, and having the ability to wear it with a belt was even better. I bought this with claw but discovered that I didn’t need it. I carry this holster at the 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions and have absolutely no problems with it. Quality work C&G Holsters.


    Well made, secure click retention. Between the IWB and OWB, I prefer the OWB for carrying a full size Wilson Combat Sig 320. This holster is not the best for competition but good enough for defense. The IWB works, and conceals well enough, it's just a slight challenge wearing appendix sitting in a movie or church. Mine is made for Surefire 300 and Holosun 507 green dot.


    Made In America

    C&G Holsters are 100% made in America by Veterans, Law Enforcement, & Firearms Enthusiasts like you.

    Join our team
    Designed by Experts
    In Law Enforcement & Military

    C&G Holsters are designed by former Law Enforcement and Veterans to be practical and tactical. Our unique design features are inspired by real-life professional experience.

    Carefully Crafted
    Precise, Consistent & Reliable

    Using proprietary molds and CNC milling, we achieve a level of precision that can’t be beaten, offering the highest level of comfort and concealment from a Kydex holster.

    Durable Kydex

    Built For Life

    At C&G Holsters, we believe in delivering the highest quality Kydex holsters on the market. As testament to our commitment, we offer a lifetime guarantee.

    Read Our Warranty

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