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Excellent Product

I recently chose to standardize all of my Concealed Carry Pistols on the Streamlight TLR-7A. Problem I run into is that two of my Pistols are not in a common setup. One thing I knew is that if I could find a single Holster Manufacturer that made a decent product, supported all of my Concealed Carry Rotation, can quickly put on or taken off, remain secure when worn, and be comfortable, that would be the Manufacturer that I would select as the standard Holster for AIWB Carry. I wouldn’t be typing this up if C&G wasn’t selected. This particular Holster was part of that process. I wouldn’t change anything at all. The Alpha Upgrade for me was not necessary because that adds time in putting on and taking off. The single large clip setup that comes by default with the wing accessory that pushes up against the belt. As long as I have those two with that Holster, fitment isn’t an issue. Comfortability is great. All things considered, it’s not rocket science as to why I give this product top marks.

So damn good

Definitely worth the price. Sits so well concealed and tight to the body, even for a full sized gun. Definitely will only buy MOD1 for all my concealed carry options

P365 xmacro OWB

I am a contractor in Fl on the Gulf. Very hot and humid. I put this on when I get up in the am and don't take it off until bed. Religiously. I don't even know it is there and I wear shorts and a polo. By far the best gun and definitely the best holster for it. It has been close to a year so the quality is there as well.

Happy! Camper

It's been roughly a year or so with this holster and I am very happy with it. So happy, I just ordered my second C&G holster.

Excellent fit

Fits the K6 beautifully, and keeps the grip right against the body. Perfect fit for 4oclock carry, and extremely secure. You could shake me upside down by the ankles and it wouldn't budge. Very well made holster!

Extremely satisfied

I have the FN 509c with a TLR-8A and a Vortex venom/viper RDS. There is also a compensator installed on the barrel as well as tactical high rise (suppressor) sights.
I was just about to give up on ever finding a securely fitting, solid holding IWB holster that would work with all these attachments.
The second this firearm seated, I knew this was a winner! Holds securely, no rattle.

Best IWB on the market !

Love these holsters. I've carried mine for going on 6yrs now. Have I belive the 1st gen model. Carries the G17 great. Good fit and retention. Also comfortable, I'm an electrician and have worn at work alot 8+ hrs. Climbing, bending and everything in between. Buy with confidence 👍

Great customer service.

Great customer service. Was worried I ordered wrong size and they jumped right on it and solved all my worries. Highly recommend.

Great holster

Purchased this for my P365XL. Fit and retention are great, comfortable to carry, and keeps the weapon close to the body. Shipping was spot on and extremely fast. Added bonus: fits my P365 Spectre Comp nicely as well.

Awesome Holster

We all know the weight of the 509T with a X300 mounted. This Owb holster supports it like a fine Women’s Bra! Works so well, i forget I’m wearing it sometimes while working on the farm. Very nice and well made holster. It has awesome retention right out of the box. If you’re thinking about it, Just get it! You won’t regret it!

Great holster for the S&W M&P 10 Performance Center

Nice OWB holster for the new S&W M&P 10 Performance Center model. The kydex is heavy duty. It fits like a glove and the standard belt loops are strong enough to keep the pistol in place on your belt. I have a Vortex red dot, but confident the holster would accommodate almost any pistol optic.

Staccato c2

Fits my staccato perfect with the stream light and a delta pro on. It could not be happier with this holster.

My Favorite Holster!

This is the first C&G holster, bought for my Hellcat Pro, and I LOVE IT!! It “wraps” around my waist, is comfy, sturdy and conceals well. Also holds the pistol firmly. Looking forward to owning another one, for my 2nd EDC. Glad I found y’all, cause my search for the right holster has ended HERE!

The best customer service

Got my IWB xdm 9mm osp holster with the alpha upgrade. I had a hiccup with swapping a belt clip and C&G customer service immediately and very politely fixed my problem. This place is BY FAR, the best holster company that I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend them to all of my friends because I honestly don't think you can find a better all around company.

Look No Further

This is the second holster I have bought from C&G for an HK and once again they have delivered. C&G is now my immediate option when looking for an IWB holster for EDC. This one fits my VP9 with TLR7A perfectly. Even though they don't have the clips for the Alpha upgrade in, they do send them once they do have them as I have experienced before. The holster is not only well built but extremely comfortable and has a smooth draw. I have used them for multiple Conceal Carry classes and as a firearms instructors, these are the holsters I recommend to my students.

Extremely satisfied!!

Looking for a holster can be extremely frustrating at times, that is until I stumbled across C&G Holsters. With their quick ship opinion, I received my holster in a week (I paid For faster shipping). Fist my G21 gen4 like a glove. I will be buying another holster only this time for my S&W M&P 2.0 10mm.

Great edc holister

Couldn’t for the life of me find a holster that was compatible with the tlr. Ordered one of these and received it quickly. Now I’m able to keep my bedside gun with a light, and carry it whenever I please. Retention is very good, and for the price I think you can’t go wrong.

Great Find for my M&P 2.0 5in

Been waiting and trying to find a solid holster so I can mount my Streamlight TLR-8AG and carry comfortably! Very Solid and sturdy and just ordered another 1 for my M&P 2.0 45 full size!!!

Excellent holster

Quick ship wasn't 5 days due to back order.. but it was worth the wait, excellent holster, would buy again

Great customer service

They gave me two extra free clips with my holster could not be happier! Great company to deal with one for my staccato C2 and one for my Smith and Weston 10 mm.

Perfect fit

Appendix carry my full size XDM elite, no problem! Tight against my body with barely any printing at all. I'll by another for the light.

The clip could be heavier, but you can't have it all at this price.

Outstanding Holster

This is an outstanding company to work with. I had a couple of questions on the holster fitting my specific firearm/light combination. They were answered quickly (minutes as opposed to days), and I ordered that day. My concerns about the fit of the holster were entirely unfounded. I received it today, and the weapon fits like a glove. The fit was like the custom holster, except for two minor differences. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a high quality holster. I wish you much future success, because I selfishly want this company around for a long time to fulfill my equipment needs!

Superb holster

I had just purchased a Springfield XDm Elite OSP 9mm and added a Holosun HE507C-GR with a Surefire X300U-B. I was having trouble locating an owb holster (or any holster for that matter) to accommodate this handgun with all these options. I ran across C&G and found the exact holster that I needed. It was a quick ship model and it did indeed arrive fast. The holster fit like a glove and I was very impressed at not only the quality, but the holster isn’t bulky at all. I cannot believe my pistol fits so nicely in this holster. This is a big gun, but the holster makes it very concealable. I have several more XD’s and will definitely be purchasing more C&G holsters. 5 stars !


If you own a full size HK 45, you know it can be a bit of a challenge to find a good IWB holster for it and nearly impossible to find one that support the weapon with a light. I am very happy to say that this holster is the answer. The firearm fits perfectly and the holster is extremely well made along with riding low enough that it's easy to conceal this full size weapon. I think the best part is the price point and the fact that you don't have to get it custom made and wait weeks for it. This holster is definitely worth it and the answer to my long search to find something reasonably priced with no long wait time. Awesome work C&G.

Best Holster I Ever Purchased

Very comfortable (no irritating pressure points). Clips provide good weight distribution, so firearm remains in place.