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Excellent attachment

I purchased this to replace a holster belt attachment that required me to run the belt through loops on the holster. With this new attachment, I can easily place it on, and remove it from, the belt. The belt I am using has a cobra style buckle that would not fit through the original attachment without removing the buckle.

I couldn't be happier with my IWB Staccato 4.25 in. light-bearing holster. I am getting some good draw stroke practice with it. It only took a couple of weeks to arrive from the time that I placed my order. I would definitely do it again.

Perfect fit-met for my Walther. Love it!!

Great Holster

Great holster. Good fit and well made. I am a customer for life. Quick ship was fast. 100% Made in America with a team of US Veterans and member of law Enforcement. What’s not to like

Great quality and retention. Would definitely buy another.

Veterans Matter- S&W 10mm with Vortec

As a disabled veteran I looked for a holster made by veterans, on American soil, with American parts… this does the job- I would love to get a custom one for my submariner service!

Secure and well made

The holster itself is a unit, it doesn't bend or break. It may be difficult to get it in the belt loop before leaving but once it's on, you know your firearm is secure and it has a satisfying height to where it sits. It also is a little bulky but that is expected. I may need a longer belt and some looser clothing to pull this one off more comfortably.

OWB Belt Loops
R.S. (Arizona)
1st class service

My holster arrived with incorrect belt loops, I ordered correct loops and offered to pay! I had new loops following week, no charge 😁

Fits Like A Glove

Fit for my Shadow Systems CR920 (Glock 43X clone) is perfect.
Shipping was very fast.

Great holster

Got this as a replacement for a basic OWB holster for my p80 17 and I’m very happy with it. The stopping was fairly quick and well packaged. The Molie mounts were a bit long for my belt, but they were easy to modify for my use. The mounts are strong and reliable thus far. The holster not only works for my p80 17, but also works on my p80 26 with an RMR. I definitely would recommend this holster for anyone who wants to carry their P80 and have a nice secure holster.

Glock 34 Competition Holster

Outstanding customer service, the holsters craftsmanship is everything promised, my G34 performs well coming in and out of the holster.....I could not be happier with my 2nd (and not last) C&G holster!

Great holster. Great turn around time

The only complaint I have is the universal mag holder that came with my purchase. Does not fit my springfield magazine. I am aware it says for 45 and 9mm. Mine happens to be the 10mm. So ill have to pay more attention next time. But I love the product

wears great and comfortable

The holster rides great on belt and handgun is secure.

Doesn't fit me well

Rides pretty high up on my waist causing gun to dig into my side. Wish it hung a little lower than lowest setting can make it. It's well made and ultra light I just wish it fit me better

My new holster

Perfect fit for me. Thanks!

Great Holster

Really enjoying the holster! My 1911 with a comp fits like a glove. A shame C&G doesn’t have drop leg tactical options.


Great and comfortable. As described in the product specs. Love it.

Dad loves it

Very well made. Lead times are totally acceptable for something so specific. It’s an expensive holster, add a cool paint job while you’re at it. It’s gonna last decades so treat yourself.


The holster is the perfect fit for in side the belt. The Gun snaps in tight. And is very conferrable. Will order more in the future as needed. A five star company.

Great Custom Holster for Staccato C2

I purchased this Holster for my C2 as it was highly recommended through the industry. I had it within 2 weeks. The build quality is outstanding. I used it at the range immediately firing over 500 rounds while holstering and unholstering several, several times. It was flawless.

Very Nice.

Everything I wanted. Fits the gun and myself very well. Received my order sooner than I was expecting which is amazing. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thank you!


Wear it everyday. Great fit comfortable. Very pleased with this holster. Will be buying again from this company.