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At C&G Holsters, we value the voices of our customers. On our Customer Reviews page, you'll find honest feedback from individuals who trust and use our Kydex holsters. Whether they're civilians, competitive shooters, or serving in Law Enforcement or the Military, their experiences shed light on the quality and reliability of our products. Dive into their stories to see why C&G Holsters is the preferred choice for so many. Your trust is our commitment, and these reviews are a testament to that promise.
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Best holster available

I bought this for my xdm elite 10mm osp 3.8 and it fits like a glove. The alpha upgrade is a must. I'll definitely be ordering a second holster for my other pistol

Amazing customer service

I messed up my order that I made on a Saturday night. Then I emailed them and asked to change an address that same very night. I realized the next morning my updated address was wrong and needed it changed along with realizing I double ordered on accident. Emailed them about that as well. Monday morning everything was fixed within 1 hour of them even opening for the day. I cannot thank them enough for their professional conduct and quick response. This is true quality customer service. I made the mistakes and they fixed them for me no questions asked and no hassle. Hands down the best online ordering experience I have ever had.

Perfect Fit

I purchased this holster along with their 2 piece tactical belt as well as their double mag holder for my CZ Shadow2. Perfect fitment and adjustability to say the least.
I will be getting another CandG holster in the near future for another pistol. I highly recommend CandG Holster to all firearms enthusiasts. And it’s made here in the USA! Oorah! Semper Fi

Great holster. Versatile

Got this for my M&P 10 with TLR 7a. IWB. Couldn't be happier with it. That is until I found out it works with other of my full-size 9mm, as long as they are running he TLR 7A. The holster locks onto the light, so, as long as your pistol is similar in size, it works perfectly. I have used it for my SAR Socom and my VP9 both optics mounted. It should work on the Canik tp9 but maybe not the pdp. I'm going to order an OWB version.


Finally stone came up with a great holster that fits the S&W m&p 2.0 10mm Performace Center! Nice holster and great fit!

Perfect fit

Fits my Pdp 4.5 full size with the-7a and optics cut. Only holster I’ve found that fits this well. Retention adjustment is also very easy. I’m very satisfied

Perfect for my Walther PDP-C

This is the 3rd holster I have bought for this pistol, and this one is absolutely perfect! A perfect fit, and I love the way the friction fit is adjustable. No more holster shopping for me (at least for this pistol). I will definitely buy from C&G again!

M&P 2.0 Tactical holster w/TLR7A

I had a lot of requirements beyond just having a holster that could accommodate a light. I have a thumb safety on my M&P compact. I wanted to ensure that, not only could the holster prevent it from being actuated but that I could get my thumb in a position on the draw to intentionally disengage the lever. It works perfectly with the medium sweat guard to allow the thumb to be just above the safety lever once the firearm clears the holster. It's a constant reminder to train properly to have your hand in the correct position to operate a thumb safety. A lot of thought went into this as other manufacturers simply disregard the safety or only offer a full sweat guard. Well done C&G. It's the best holster I've ever had.

C&G Holster: Unmatched Quality for VP9

As a proud owner of a VP9, I've searched far and wide for the perfect holster to complement its sleek design and superior performance. My quest ended with the C&G holster, and let me tell you, it's nothing short of phenomenal.

Craftsmanship: From the moment I held the holster, I could sense the craftsmanship and attention to detail. The materials used are top-notch, providing durability without sacrificing comfort. The precision molding ensures a snug fit for my VP9, giving me confidence that my firearm is secure at all times.

Comfort: Comfort is paramount when it comes to carrying a firearm, and the C&G holster delivers in spades. The contoured design hugs my body, eliminating any unnecessary bulk or discomfort. Whether I'm sitting, standing, or moving, the holster stays in place, allowing for a seamless carrying experience.

Retention: Retention is key when choosing a holster, and the C&G excels in this department. The adjustable retention screw allows me to customize the level of retention to my liking, ensuring quick and secure access to my VP9 whenever I need it.

Concealment: As someone who values discreet carry, I'm pleased to say that the C&G holster offers excellent concealment. Its minimalistic design keeps my VP9 concealed without printing, allowing me to carry with confidence wherever I go.

Overall, the C&G holster has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Whether you're a seasoned gun owner or a first-time carrier, I wholeheartedly recommend the C&G holster for your VP9. It's not just a holster; it's a testament to quality, comfort, and reliability.

Best CR920 holster on the market

I’ve exclusively only carried C&G holsters for all of my carry guns (365 standard and X, Glock 19, Glock 43X, and more) and I’ve loved all of them and I really like the fact that I’m supporting a local business in my area. I just recently picked up a CR920 and a friend gave me a few holsters to try and nothing compares to the fit of the C&G holsters. You can throw the CR920 in a 48 MOS and occasionally a 43X holster but the fit isn’t the best, but this holster is 100% spot on and perfect.

The best part about it is that I can run my HC43 comp on the end flawlessly with the open bottom and my Holosun 507K X2 on the top with absolutely zero fitment issues. If you’re thinking about getting one for a CR920 then don’t hesitate and just go for it. This holster with the alpha upgrade pack is THE perfect edc holster.


This is my 4th or 5th holster from C&G and I have loved all of them. I was worried the light being attached would make it unbearable while sitting down but this is the perfect holster for me. It's comfortable while I'm driving and when I'm walking.

Easy to use

I got these because I wanted something convenient to put on and these are. They are also comfortable and they seem ti work with the concealment wing attachment.

Top Notch

First holster from C&G. Ordered for 43x. Ordered quick ship vs custom order due to length of time. This holster is top notch quality. I’m not scared to pay money for a quality item especially comes to safety of edc items. This must be paired with a quality belt as well to achieve holsters’s full potential. I love it, plan to order more for other edc rotation. I prefer a full sweat shield, wish it was an option for quick ship but no regrets and have recommended to all my friends.

Fits Walther PDP-F perfectly

I am so happy with the product. I purchased a custom Walther PDP-F, 4"/3.5" TLR-8A, OWB Tactical Kydex holster. It arrived six (6) days after purchase. It fits absolutely perfectly! I appreciate the customer service options and speed along with the overall quality of the holster. I am 100% satisfied. Thank you again.

Great Fit, Great Shipping/Service

Bought this for a PDP-F 3.5". It's made for a 4" but fits perfectly. Might try to trim it back a little. Did I mention, it FITS. Also bought the 2 mag belt pouch (Glock double stack). Heavy material. Great combo.

Fantastic quality but required a break in

The fit and finish on the holster is fantastic, maybe too much! I inserted my pistol and the retention was insane! I loosened the retention screw all the way and it was still extremely secured in the holster. I had to use a bit of lubricant and repeatedly inserted the pistol to break it in. Now it's great! I will be using it quite frequently and will be ordering again!

Great Holster for Appendix!

As a skinny guy, I can really only conceal carry in appendix. Ordered this holster not knowing anything about this company so I was hoping it wasn't a waste of money.

I was definitely not disappointed when this holster showed up! It conceals my full sized beretta 92 w/ tlr-1hl fantastic in appendix carry. The "wedge" pushes the grip of the pistol back towards my body rather than letting it angle away from me like ive had with other holsters, meaning this thing does great at not printing.

I would definitely recommend this for appendix carry, even with large pistols!

Great IWB holster for MR920 T

Really like this holster. Arrived quick. Comfortable, red dot and comp are no problem. The side towards your body along the slide is over molded a little and keeps the grip angled close to your body and makes concealment a little easier. C&G are great.

Smooth as butter.

C&G hooked me up with a custom holster for a 17L with a TRL1HL. Yall know how hard it is to find a holster for that kind of set up? Literally impossible, C&G pulled through. It's a tough holster for a carry pistol, and buttery smooth when it's time to skin that smoke wagon. Seriously a great holster, couldn't be happier, I'll be back for another.

Love my holster

Love the holster I got for my h and k vp9 with a tlr-1 hl. Great fitment,great quality, great product all around.


I have bought 2 C and G holsters this far. Being in law enforcement I look for practically and easy of use. I bought the alpha pack. Both holsters retain your weapon very well. They are the most comfortable kydex holster I've ever bought. The clips keep the holster secured to your belt and the alpha clips even stay attached to just clothing without a belt. Best holsters for the money. I'll be buying all my holsters from C and G in the future. They know what shooters need and want in a holster.

great fit on my MPA DS9 commander

The staccato size holster fits my Masterpiece arms commander length pistol (4.23")


Search high and low for a holster for the Springfield prodigy 4.25” and definitely found it through C&G. Very comfortable holster. The gun fits perfectly great build quality attention to detail and definitely will be buying from them in the future. Got here super fast!!

perfect fit

Excellent fit. Fast shipping too especially considering the holiday season. Can't wait to run this is some low light and night courses!
Future holsters are coming from here!