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      Customer Reviews

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      Quality Work

      Requested a custom order for a subcompact M&P9 M2.0 with a RDS and they did not disappoint! Pistol locks in tight and holster is holding up great for an EDC. I'll be ordering another for sure, thanks again.


      My FNX-45 Tactical and mags fit like a glove in my custom OWB Tactical Kydex Pistol & Mag Holster Combo. They’re awesome. Well worth the wait!

      Great holster, even better customer service

      Ordered a holster for my FNX 45 Tactical, was very impressed with the build quality and the fact that it comes with some thread-locker if you need to adjust the height of the holster which is awesome. I ended up contacting C&G because I was a little concerned with the fitment of the holster, seemed like it got deformed slightly and was VERY tight compared to my other holsters I have ordered from them. Still functional by all means, but very tight compared to my other holsters.
      When I reached out to C&G, without question, informed me they would be making me another holster and showing the fitment before shipping it out. About 2 days later got the video of them showing the fitment and it looked drastically better than the one I currently had.

      I cant really say enough about a level of customer service as high as that, C&G will get you taken care of no matter what it takes.


      Let customers speak for us

      2537 reviews
      M&P C.O.R.E.

      I have a inside the waistband that is fantastic hold the gun really well. Wanted to get a outside the waistband for the cooler months when wearing a jacket. I just assumed that it would work for the Red Dot sight found it to be pushing back the slide. got in contact with customer service and they sent me another one out really quick with a free post return sticker to return the other one. Now its fantastic,love it, great service guys, thank you

      FNX45 Tactical OWB Covert Kydex Holster

      Great product. The fit was very true and smooth. I got the Multicam Black print and it looks awesome. The holster holds the pistol firm. I highly recommend this product.

      The configuration of this Kel/Tec pistol is clearly a challenge to holster. C & G made a holster that eases the transport of the pistol and provides reasonable access. Just what I was looking for. A great job, all things considered.

      PDP holster

      I see other reviewers complaining about the belt loops. My holster is so tight on the pistol that if I didn’t have belt loops I’d never get it out of the holster. As it is it takes 2 hands to draw the weapon. Otherwise it seems quite durable and well made.

      Awesome Craftsmanship

      Fits my pistol and red dot scope perfectly. Being a custom item I was expecting a high quality product, no surprise, the craftsmanship and appearance of this holster is second to none. Thanks!!!

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