ALPHA Upgrade Kit Right Hand Non-Light Bearing Dark Wing - Front View
ALPHA Upgrade Kit Right Hand Non-Light Bearing Dark Wing - Side View
ALPHA Upgrade Kit Left Hand Non-Light Bearing Dark Wing - Front View
ALPHA Upgrade Kit Left Hand Non-Light Bearing Dark Wing - Side View
ALPHA Upgrade Kit Light Bearing Light Wing - Front View
ALPHA Upgrade Kit Light Bearing Light Wing - Side View

CNG | IWB ALPHA Upgrade Kit | ATTACHMENT | C&G Holsters

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CNG ALPHA Upgrade Kit by C&G Holsters

For Inside-the-Waistband ALPHA-Upgradeable Holsters 

Transform your holster's performance with the CNG ALPHA Upgrade Kit from C&G Holsters, specially designed for IWB Holsters.

  • Holster-Matched Design: Included in the kit are 1.75" CNG or 1.5" DCC metal belt clips and a specialized concealment wing. Select the Dark Wing for standard COVERT carry or the Light Wing for TACTICAL light-bearing models, tailored for optimal fit and enhanced concealment while reducing bulk and increasing comfort.

  • Unmatched Reliability: Our Spring Steel Metal Belt Clips are engineered for ultimate strength, with a unique patent for saltwater durability lasting up to 30K hours, ensuring your holster remains secure in any environment.

  • Firm Hold: Each clip features an internal bump that grips your belt tightly, maintaining your holster's position and stability during use.

  • Easy Clip Care: Maintaining your belt clips is straightforward. Simply use WD40, vegetable oil, mineral oil, CLP, or motor oil with a lint-free cloth for quick touch-ups, keeping your clips looking sharp and functional.

  • Educational Video: Learn more about holster upgrades here.

Note: This upgrade kit is specifically designed for C&G's IWB ALPHA-Upgradeable Holsters and will not work with OWB models.

Revitalize your IWB Holster with the CNG ALPHA Upgrade Kit, combining robust performance with sleek design. Trust C&G Holsters for all that you hold close.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
S.S. (Ohio)
Worth the cost.

Good product and great customer service. I was missing some hardware in the package. Contacted customer service and they sent me out replacement hardware with no issues

L.R. (District of Columbia)
Excellent option

Excellent- these are a great addition to your holster if you wear workout pants or shorts without a belt. Hold is strong!

Excellent product

Belt clips are bad ass. The customer service is excellent as well


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