Quality gun, but not a quality holster, what gives?

The majority of people when purchasing a firearm want something that is quality because the most common intended purpose with a handgun is defense. They take time researching on the internet as well as take trips to local gun shops the view and handle a potential firearm. One of the first things that is purchased with a new handgun is a holster however it doesn’t seem that there is a lot of thought or research for the majority of people on this item. Most commonly they walk over to the wall or rack in the gun shop where the holsters are located and look for something that fits that gun as well as that is cost effective. They most likely end up with some type of universal nylon or leather time holster. These types of holsters will not hold the weapon the most secure. Usually the belt loops are of the biggest size to allow the biggest of belts to be run through the loops. There is usually very little to basically no retention to insure that the weapon will stay in the holster during a physical confrontation, running, or something as simple as bending over the pick something up. These holsters usually due to the big belt loops and also their construction tend to sag outward from the body causing serious printing of the handgun underneath your outer garments which would ultimately defeat your purpose of carrying concealed.

A big paradox in the Law Enforcement Community is that fact that most departments issue and usually require the latest and greatest holsters. These holsters are usually of a hard construction with leather wrapped around the outside for appearance. Most departments usually require high retention levels on the holster to insure that the weapon will be extremely difficult during an assault on the officer carrying the gun. Most are constructed for a light bearing weapon. And most cost a significant amount of money. A lot but not all officers, however, when carrying off duty are no different than the average consumer and carry an off the shelf universal type holster.  They carry and rely on a quality holster that is secure during their shift however when the same stakes are still on the line off duty they carry an inferior product.

Quality holsters in the past that were most often constructed of leather were expensive potentially driving consumers to the lower priced inferior product. That however has now changed with the explosion of Kydex holsters on to the scene. Kydex holsters are formed to the given weapon. They offer retention usually without the addition of hoods and snaps. They are of a hard construction that will protect the firearm should you bump into something, fall, or in the event that you would be in a physical confrontation. These holsters are easily customizable by manufactures for cant angles, light bearing, left/right hand, and inside the waist/outside the waist. Due to Kydex being a tough plastic material they will not start to sag outward liked nylon and leather can overtime giving away your firearm that is supposed to be concealed. The material will also not harm the finish of your weapon. The cost of these quality products is also less than quality holsters of other materials making it affordable now to carry a quality holster with your concealed carry weapon or, in the LEO world, the off duty weapon. But like everything you buy research is key.


Officer Mortimer


United States Army




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