Join C&G Holsters at the SHOT Show 2024: Unveiling the Future of Kydex Holster Innovation

Join C&G Holsters at the SHOT Show 2024: Unveiling the Future of Kydex Holster Innovation

Embark on a Journey of Precision, Comfort, and Unmatched Quality

Welcome to a new year of innovation, commitment, and excellence in the world of firearm accessories! As we enter 2024, C&G Holsters is thrilled to announce our participation in the most anticipated event of the year, SHOT Show, hosted by NSSF, The Firearm Industry Trade Association. Get ready to experience the pinnacle of Kydex holster craftsmanship as we unveil our latest innovations and celebrate our unwavering dedication to quality, functionality, and design.

Discover the Future at SHOT Show 2024

Mark your calendars for January 23rd-26th and join us at the Venetian Expo + Ceasars Forum in Las Vegas. Find us at booth number 32106 in the Law Enforcement section, conveniently located on Venetian Expo Level 2, near Starbucks. Witness the perfect blend of professionalism, craftsmanship, and innovation, as we showcase our newest offerings and interact with the vibrant community of firearm enthusiasts and professionals.

Introducing the GEN6 Holster: A New Era of Perfection

After 16 years of dedication and continuous improvement, C&G Holsters proudly presents the GEN6 Holster, the epitome of Kydex holster excellence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and inspired by valuable feedback from our loyal customers, the GEN6 Holster represents the culmination of six generations of relentless innovation and unparalleled craftsmanship.

The Next Generation of Excellence:

  • Revolutionary GEN6 Design: Embrace a new standard of design and functionality that surpasses all expectations, driven by customer insights and unparalleled engineering prowess.
  • 3D Precision Engineered: Our cutting-edge 3D scanning and CAD modeling ensure impeccable precision to 0.003" tolerance, guaranteeing the perfect fit for your firearm.
  • Streamlined Molding Process: Benefit from advanced molding techniques that deliver flawless, consistent seals and molds, upholding our commitment to the highest quality standards.
  • Optimized for Optics: Enjoy universal optic compatibility, offering seamless integration with a wide range of optics, elevating your holster's functionality and versatility.
  • Customization-Ready: Tailor your holster to your preferences, thanks to its design that accommodates stippling and texturing on polymer frames without any fitment issues.
  • Ergonomically Advanced: Our thoughtfully designed molds take into account hip curves and holster angles, ensuring unparalleled ergonomic comfort and optimal firearm positioning.
  • Reinforced Durability: Discover the robustness of Hyder ribs, reinforcing critical areas of the holster to prevent cracks and breakage, ensuring a holster that stands the test of time.

Built for Reliability:

  • Secure Locking System: Feel the assurance of a solid 'click' every time you holster your firearm, a testament to its secure and reliable design.
  • Snug Fit & Rugged Durability: Our custom-molded holsters, made with superior thermoplastic Kydex, offer a snug fit, reducing weapon movement and enduring harsh conditions.
  • Personalized Retention & Corrosion Resistance: Adjust your holster's grip with our adjustable retention screws and trust in the corrosion-resistant treated hardware for a long-lasting holster experience.
  • Effortless Maintenance & Hygienic Material: Kydex's easy-to-clean, antimicrobial nature ensures your holster remains germ-free and durable, requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Enhanced Safety & Smooth Draw: Complete trigger guard coverage and a smooth, friction-minimized draw offer both safety and efficiency in firearm access.
  • Tall Sight Channel & Open Bottom: Our design accommodates suppressor height sights and threaded barrels, ensuring your holster meets all your specific needs.

Craftsmanship You Can Trust:

  • Proudly American Made: Crafted in the USA by Veterans and Law Enforcement, our products embody our values of faith, family, and service.
  • Lifetime Assurance & Customization Options: With a lifetime warranty and options for quick shipping in black or custom colored Kydex, our holsters are a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Unique Features Across Our Range:

  • DENALI, MOD1, MOD1-LIMA, and More: Explore our diverse range of holsters, each with unique features tailored to specific needs, from quick access and concealment-focused designs to light-bearing capabilities and competitive edge designs.

Introducing the CNG IWB Metal Belt Clip:

  • Enhanced Durability & Versatility: Experience the robustness and saltwater durability of our patented C&G-branded Spring Steel Metal Belt Clips, available now in 1.75" with a 1.5" version coming soon. Each clip, included in our standard IWB ALPHA Upgrade Kit, ensures a firm grip, superior reliability, and easy maintenance for an unrivaled holstering experience.

New Product Release: Springfield Armory Echelon

  • A Match Made in Ergonomic Heaven: Pair the superior ergonomics of the Echelon from Springfield Armory with our new Gen6 line for an unparalleled tactical setup.

Website Redesign: A Fresh Start

  • User-Friendly Experience: Dive into our revamped website with updated content, intuitive navigation, and detailed product descriptions, all designed to enhance your journey with the C&G brand.

As we gear up for the SHOT Show 2024, we invite you to join us in celebrating the fusion of tradition, innovation, and commitment to excellence. C&G Holsters is more than a brand; it's a statement of quality, reliability, and unwavering dedication to serving the needs of firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike. Experience the future of Kydex holster innovation with us, and let's embark on this exciting journey together. For faith, family, and service—C&G Holsters is here for all that you hold close.


Hope to see you there,

The C&G Team

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