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The shipping speed on these are amazing. Staff is eager to help. Fitment is always first class. Since I have put these in my store I haven't sold any other brand of kydex holster.Everything I have asked for they have a pattern to make it.

Shield 45 holster

Great quality and fits shield perfectly!

Love the c and g

Awesome service and high quality products very pleased with product

Simple awesome

Holster is exactly as described, great quality and comfortable. Thanks again C&G Holsters.


I have had this holster for two weeks now. Shipping was super fast. My Shield fits great in this holster. I took this holster camping for 3 days. I chose this holster over my normal IWB leather holster for several reasons. I didn't want sweat soaking into the soft leather over the course of the trip and then marinating my pistol. I also wanted something that would be comfortable to wear for extended periods. This holster gets high marks in both areas. I also inadvertently tested retention. We went out on the lake in our canoe and the canoe flipped over. My sunglasses are at the bottom of the lake but my shield stayed on my hip. The last point I want to touch on is the concealability of the holster. I took it camping like I said, I wore carhartt pocket tee shirts and button up fishing shirts similar to the PFGs from Columbia. These shirts usually hide my gun the IWB holster, they didn't do so good with this one they required readjustment after bending, crouching, reaching and sitting. Not a big deal again I was not concerned in this case if people at the campground saw a corner of the holster or noticed a bulge in my shirt. I also wore this holster to church a couple weeks ago. I am the kind of guy who still wears a suit with a sports jacket even in the summer. The holster did much better at concealing in this instance you could not see a bulge and it did not stick down below my jacket. I think it would have viability as a late fall and winter concealed carry holster. And for the purpose I bought it which was range use, it excels. All in all I would recommend this holster as I am very pleased with my purchase.

Love it.

Awesome product. Love it.

Conceal comfort

Am enjoying the new holster, easy on and easy off, but does stay put. Great fit and provides easy access to my firearm as needed. Took me 2 years to find a everyday holster! You have my vote! Terry


Great product so far


Superb holster. Easy, simple, light. The mold is a perfect fit for my s&w shield. Keeps it very secure and the draw is smooth and natural. I’m very picky with holsters, I have ran through so many in past years, but this one is definitely a keeper! Very versatile and can be concealed in clothes made for all seasons, spring summer fall and winter. Easily tucks away IWB while wearing shorts and a t-shirt in Miami in August or While wearing pants and a coat in New York in February. The belt clip is strong, locking it into place while wearing it. Removal of holster from IWB is a smooth fluid motion, no need to struggle while placing the holster IWB or removing it. And although installing or removing the holster from IWB is free of hassle, it stays very secure while on your person and can not easily be removed in an attempt to disarm you. All around a great holster for an off duty police officer or the average Joe Shmoe with a CCW.

Great holster!!!

The craftsmanship of your product is amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better holster.

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997 reviews
C&G mag holder

Nice fit and finish, highly recommended

1911 Holster

Great holster that will accommodate 3/4 and full rail 1911s

Best holster I have owned

I love the way the gun fits securely in the holster. I am very happy with how the holster fits me. I am able to wear it while I drive but it also works well to place between the passenger seat and console. I still have to play with the height to find the sweet spot for me with this gun, but I am sold on your product and will def recommend and buy more in the future. Please keep up the work!

5 star review

Perfect fit, comfortable ISWB. After trying several other products & spending more $’s than I would like to admit I’ve finally found a conceal carry ISWB that’ simple, durable & comfortable.

As usual with all products we've purchased from C & G Holsters, we were quite pleased. Quality is excellent.