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Fits perfect on my p80 g19 long slide build

P80 940C holster OWB

"the C&G team is comprised of veterans of the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement Officers and competitive shooters." The quote was from the C&G web page. It was the main reason I bought from them in the first place. Blue lives and Vets matter. Bought 3 holsters based on the company's values and was not disappointed in their products. The holsters are well engineered, well made, and perform flawlessly. The OWB holster for the 940C also fits the P80 940SC and vice versa for the IWB for the SC. My only issue with the OWB holster is the belt loops. When I draw, the entire OWB holster slides up. Essentially, my EDC belt is too thin for the belt loops. I'll find a new (thicker, not wider) belt. The holster is that good. And don't bother shopping for cheaper gear. Spend your money on C&G gear that works 100% of the time-gear you can put your life on.

Great holster for the Poly80

Inexpensive, good passive retention. I will buy another.

P80 compact iwb holster

Fit and function is second to none, i recommend for edc!


Polymer80 PF940c IWB Covert Kydex Holster - Quickship


Polymer80 PF940c OWB Covert Kydex Holster - Quickship

Great holster

Fit and finish of my holster is outstanding, turnaround time was much shorter than anticipated.

P80 Iwb holster

Perfect fit simple design

Solid product

I’m still tweaking the retention on this holster as I’m using it with a polymer 80 compact that was only just built, but in comparison to my (many, many) other kydex holsters of varying quality and attachments this holster is a solid piece of equipment that will get the job done. It is well designed with a variety of slides in mind when it was being designed and an open end that allows for threaded barrels and accessors, but also will let debries through (what I like it for). I’m getting the retention where I like it still, but at any level it will hold the gun securely, your weapon isn’t going to get away from you because of this holster. It hugs my body just as I’d expect a high quality appendix carry holster to, keeping the grip in towards my torso for the best concealment with the help of the claw attachment. There is absolutely nothing to complain about here, I’d certainly recommend this brand for anyone needing a solid holster for their custom p80 build.

Simple, dependable holster

I have been using this holster for EDC for several weeks now with my Poly80 build. It rides at the perfect height and allows a full grip when drawing from any concealed position. The retention is positive after minor adjustments and it’s very easy to grab and go without fighting with it. Also very easy to remove with one hand and is comfortable to wear all day. I would love to see an adjustable cant and I might modify it myself to be able to adjust it. Very slick draw and re-holstering with a great fit and no holster wear so far.

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998 reviews
Great Holster

I purchased the C&G holster for my Glock 9mm. Easy to conceal and comfortable to carry. I would purchase again for my other handguns.

C&G mag holder

Nice fit and finish, highly recommended

1911 Holster

Great holster that will accommodate 3/4 and full rail 1911s

Best holster I have owned

I love the way the gun fits securely in the holster. I am very happy with how the holster fits me. I am able to wear it while I drive but it also works well to place between the passenger seat and console. I still have to play with the height to find the sweet spot for me with this gun, but I am sold on your product and will def recommend and buy more in the future. Please keep up the work!

5 star review

Perfect fit, comfortable ISWB. After trying several other products & spending more $’s than I would like to admit I’ve finally found a conceal carry ISWB that’ simple, durable & comfortable.