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Outstanding. Fits PF940C (G19) with compensator perfectly.

I was skeptical before purchasing and reached out to C&G about compensator compatibility. They didnt know for certain if my 940C would fit with my compensator (killer innovations comp) because they hadn't tested it, but it should work. I was willing to take the risk because this is the only NON send-your-gun-in custom holster for the p80 that is comp compatible that I could find anywhere. To my relief it was. And its outstanding. Perfect retention (quite easily adjustable of course) and pre installed (thank you) QLS fork. I'm really happy I didnt have to have one custom fit because this is PERFECT. If you're looking for a P80 G19 comp compatible holster, as far as I know this is it. But it's well worth it.

Excellent Holster

A great holster for my P80 frame, Swenson slide with Vortex Venom red dot and Glock 34 barrel! Outstanding workmanship. Fit is exceptional with tension adjustments. Quality and durable material and does not scratch the frame/slide. A beautiful piece of artwork. Quick delivery too as this holster is a quick-ship holster. One very happy customer. Thank you! Now if they make one for large frame Polymer. My P80 PF45 in 10mm is looking for a holster!

Great holster

Great holster! Just loctite the screws before you use it. Got DQ'd from a stage for my handgun falling out while running. Not a big deal just something small to do before use. Will order more from them soon!

Fits perfect

Perfect fit for the Polymer 80 G 34! High quality!

Excellent Holster

High quality and fast shipping. Quality is better than my bladetech G34 holster. The quick tensioning knob works great. My only complaint is that an RTI hanger isn't an option.

Like a Glove

Fast shipping, ordered on Saturday and received on Wednesday. Perfect fit and finish. My Poly 80 34, 17, and 19 fit perfectly.

Best holster I own

I use C and G for EDC and for Competition both USPSA and IDPA

One of the best options for a P80 build

So far have loved almost everything about this holster, and my only complaint is they did a little TOO good a job on the molding--I use a very fat, very forward-set aftermarket trigger and had to slightly expand the molding around the trigger guard to make it safe, my trigger was dragging the sides. But that's not on C&G, that's on me.

Mine was a quickship holster and they had it to me in under a week.

Perfect fit

The options for Polymer80 builds is super limited and C&G nailed it. I thought I was going to have to settle for something just because of no options. However, C&Gs holster was amazing in both fit and finish. I did a Glock 34 build and this holster is amazing. Just snug enough to retain, but easy enough to withdraw quickly with no pressure.

Fits P80 G19 Just Fine

Fantastic holster and quality! No issues with it all and fast shipping too!

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C&G mag holder

Nice fit and finish, highly recommended

1911 Holster

Great holster that will accommodate 3/4 and full rail 1911s

Best holster I have owned

I love the way the gun fits securely in the holster. I am very happy with how the holster fits me. I am able to wear it while I drive but it also works well to place between the passenger seat and console. I still have to play with the height to find the sweet spot for me with this gun, but I am sold on your product and will def recommend and buy more in the future. Please keep up the work!

5 star review

Perfect fit, comfortable ISWB. After trying several other products & spending more $’s than I would like to admit I’ve finally found a conceal carry ISWB that’ simple, durable & comfortable.

As usual with all products we've purchased from C & G Holsters, we were quite pleased. Quality is excellent.