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      Customer Reviews

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      N. (Florida)
      Great Quality Kydex Holster, will be back for more

      When I started looking for a new light bearing OWB holster for a Staccato P I was surprised to find that not many options existed that were body contoured and not ridiculously oversized due to cost-savings measures from various manufacturers. As a long time professional user of RCS' Phantom series (several of which were limited distribution models) I'd fallen in love with the low-profile and secure carriage afforded by that design. As many former high quality Kydex manufacturers have abandoned what built their reputations in search of higher profit margins, I've had a harder time finding holsters I'm comfortable carrying after almost two decades as an armed professional and occasional competitive shooter.

      After weeks of looking I stumbled on this C&G OWB model that had the features I wanted. Body contoured, rounded / clipped lower corners to aid concealment, adjustable retention, Kydex construction, a sealed WML area for light discipline, and grommets for mount swaps. I've since been carrying this holster and find it to be incredibly secure (holds well even with the adjustment backed out significantly), comfortable, and well-made. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another C&G OWB holster in the future for my needs.

      A.N. (Pennsylvania)
      Nice holster

      Works great for open carry when I’m at training and off duty functions. Holster took 20 or so draws to get broken in, my light was hanging up on something. It works great now.

      T.A. (Washington)

      C&G made this awesome holster for my P320. Fits perfectly and very comfortable. Retention is on point and sticks to my body...great concealment. If anyone is looking for a holster, check out C&G. You won’t regret it.


      Let customers speak for us

      2632 reviews
      Durable and fits well

      Use this holster for law enforcement patrol functions as K9 handler. Don't have to worry about my remote falling out or this holster breaking under pressure. Very durable material and is not bulky.

      Big belly solution 😎

      Big belly? Problem fix👍🏽

      Excellent !!!

      Fit and finish is great ... Retention is about 90 plus % on the trigger guard . That with a little oil inside I would think would be easy on the DLC coating ....
      A canted clip would be nice option to get it off the hook bone a little more !!

      Good fit

      The holster fits the hand gun very well. Fire arm is secure and easy to draw. I am going to have to play with the position of the holster because in my typical position I get sore and it raises a welt after a couple of hours. That is my issue to figure out and not a result of the holster design / configuration.


      Was very pleased not only with the product but the customer service was even better. I made a mistake while ordering on line and called to tell them my mistake. Rather that tell me there was nothing that could be done, immediately the problem was address and my order was fixed. Very pleased and I am sure that I will be ordering again in the near future.

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