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The guys and gals at C&G are holster wizards so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the Mod1 is incredible. The obvious amount of thought and craftsmanship that went into this holster results in the most comfortable appendix rig I’ve ever worn. My only gripe is that it makes peeing semi difficult...but in all fairness, that’s probably due to my short barrel length more than the holster

Great holster

We've all heard the quote "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" well this type of holster wasn't broke to begin with and you've still fixed it. It's very comfortable and has given me a new found sense of security. This is hands down the best holster I own and will be using it for quite some time.

Love it

Super comfortable. and the only holster system with a hinge. the other pinch and are not adjustable at all. this is fully adjustable and I love it.

A Well-Executed Holster

The MOD1 is a well-executed improvement over the traditional sidecar-style holster. The C&G design team has re-engineered a "one size fits some" holster design into a realistic option for all concealed carriers. https://williambrownhandgunnery.blogspot.com/2020/01/initial-impressions-c-holsters1-minute.html

Great design, great company

Love this new design. The holster works great and conceals well. Comfortable and easy to use.

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Great Holster

I have Ben looking for a draw holster for the S&W M&P 2.0 5 inch barrel. C and G holsters are sweet! The fit is perfect, weapon stays secure, but easy smooth draw. I am really impressed with the holster. Their customer service was remarkable!

Finally found it!

I finally found a quality OWB holster for my xde.

First time ordering a holster from here. Definitely will be a returning customer. The hand-written “Thank you!” that was written was a nice touch as well and shows (to me) they care about what they’re sending out...if that small stuff matters to you like it does to me.

Good for training

Im just starting match style training with a timer. Got this for my shadow 2 and it's great. There are holsters a smidge better but they're way more money and have a huge wait time. This is my fifth 3 gun style holster and I like it a lot. Don't hesitate to try it and the shipping was fast. I'll be coming back for more holsters from these guys.

Great holster

I use a lot of Safariland products, but it was tougher to find one for CC with my 43x. Great holster with a snug fit. Like everyone else, I have a drawer full of holsters, but this one is my "go to".