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Excellent Holster for the S&W M&P 40

This OWB holster, for a Smith & Wesson M&P 40, was my third holster from C&G. It is just as good as the other C&G holsters that I purchased for my compact-size firearms.

The holster is very comfortable to wear with the high rise sweat guard; and it holds the firearm close to the body, yet allows for rapid draw and re-holster.

It is a good range holster, also for CCW in a cold climate worn underneath a jacket. The full-size M&P's large bulk makes it difficult to avoid printing in a hot climate like Florida, when the OWB holster is worn under light clothing. The holster does not have a positive retention locking system which, I think, makes open-carry a risky proposition.

So, for concealed EDC in Florida, I carry my smaller firearms in C&G OWB kydex holsters. For competition shooting or firing range I carry the large M&P in its kydex holster. And for the Apocalypse . . . .

Perfect Fit

100% completely satisfied, perfect fit and the quality is ridiculously good!

Excellent holster

Perfect fit and quality is excellent. Will definitely purchase more.

Had to order another

Got a new iwb for my taurus and loved it so much it was a no brainer to order another for my 19x

Only the best

I have 5 different holster and magazine set ups and everyone is top of the line. No review can showcase the quality.

Left end right handed inside holster

The C&G company now very good what the costumers wants, the service is top also wen the holster fits not so good, they send you free a new one with the help from the shop manager en Christina there communicative skills are very good also the services are top ! A lot off thanks from the Netherlands

Awesome customer services!!

We ordered the IWB Tactical (Light-Bearing) Kydex for HK P30 with Streamlight TLR-8. The holster didn't meet our expectation at first, however, C&G asked us to ship back the holster, C&G then made a new one to meet what we wanted. Awesome customer services, wonderful holster, fits the gun well!! Highly recommended.


Great Holster

Thank you for your feedback. Glad you like it so much! Enjoy and we appreciate your business!
Sig Sauer P320 XCompact OWB Typthon kryptek RMR cut-out TLR7

Great Holster! Fits the gun very well.

Thank you for your feedback! Glad you like it so much. Enjoy!
FN FNX-45 Tac OWB Mandrake RMR cutout TLR1 HL

Great Holster! I do think that it lacks tension adjustment.
Personal note. I believe the highlander or the nomad would look a little better with the FDE. Again I t

Thank you for your review and feedback. The OWB custom holster (shown in your review photo on the lower left side) has a retention screw at the base of the holster. If you adjust that screw, it will allow you to make the retention as tight (or loose) as you desire. Hope that helps. Thank you again for choosing C&G Holsters!

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EDC Belt

I used to wear a leather belt for concealed duty use. Not anymore because the EDC belt is not only comfortable but it keeps my gear in place all day. Belt is well made and durable. Thanks C&G.

Awesome holster

Ordered this holster for my employee. There were only 2 companies he could find that makes a holster for the Sig320c with a TLR7 light. Since we already carry C&G he decided to order one. The day it came in he immediately wore it and is a very happy customer.

Glock 43X

I originally bought the OWB holster for my 43X so I could use it for my Act 235 class. The holster was
fantastic for the class and is now one of my new favorites holsters for everyday use.

Quick and easy order. Excellent service as always

Perfect fit

The options for Polymer80 builds is super limited and C&G nailed it. I thought I was going to have to settle for something just because of no options. However, C&Gs holster was amazing in both fit and finish. I did a Glock 34 build and this holster is amazing. Just snug enough to retain, but easy enough to withdraw quickly with no pressure.