C&G Holsters Custom OWB Tactical Glock X300
C&G Holsters Custom OWB Tactical Glock X300
C&G Holsters Custom OWB Tactical Glock X300 in holstered position
C&G Holsters Custom OWB Tactical Glock X300 in holstered position back view
Glock X300
C&G Holsters Detailed Diagram OWB tactical

Glock 34/17/19 X300 OWB Tactical Kydex Holster - Custom

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C&G Holsters will custom craft your specific holster to exactly what you need

Choose your:
  • Orientation
  • Color
  • Attachments
C&G will handle the rest. 

    Please Note:
    Weapon light MUST be attached to firearm, holster will NOT work without light.

    Features Included

    • Will NOT fit Gen5 .40cal Glocks 
    • Designed for X300U-A, X300U-B, & X300V
    • Designed to fit with most RMR/Red Dots on the market Trijicon RMRLeupold DeltaPointSig Romeo, etc. (Please list in Order Notes if you have the Trijicon SRO)
    • Open Bottom that will fit your Threaded Barrels & Compensators (TyrantAgencyZevPMM, etc)
    • Custom C&G 1.75" Belt Loops
    • Tall sight channel (Red Dot/Suppressor height)
    • 100% made in America, by Veterans and Law Enforcement and guaranteed for life! 
    • Solid locking retention (audible and tactile “click” when securely holstered)
    • Proprietary molds and CNC milled means perfection for you and a level of precision that can’t be beaten. This means a level of comfort and concealment you have never experienced from a Kydex holster.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 72 reviews
      S. (Georgia)
      Like it.

      Good holster by a brand backed by hood people and experience. This will be my go to holster company for all my future guns

      Great holster!

      I have had many holsters for this weapon but have never been exactly happy. They have never done "everything" like I want them too. After hearing a police officer commenting on the quality of the holsters I ordered one. I have finally found "the one." Great retention, comfortability is A+, smoothness of draw with a light is outstanding. Cannot beat this holster with anything. I have since ordered more and will switch them all out to C&G. Thanks!

      T.C. (Florida)
      Best Holster I've Used!!

      I have carried Glocks for work and personally for over 25 years. I've used a variety of IWB holsters through the years and this C&G holster is by far the best one I've used.

      It is comfortable, tuckable, and concealable on a large frame guy. I'm 6'2, 395, and I can conceal my G19 with TLR1 -HL very well.

      I will recommend C&G to anyone looking for a holster resource that does the job better than anyone I've experienced before.

      Made With

      Perfect Precision

      Using proprietary molds & CNC milling we achieve a level of precision that can’t be beaten. We offer a higher level of comfort and concealment than you have ever experienced from a Kydex holster.

      Guaranteed For Life

      C&G Holsters are 100% made in America by Veterans & Law Enforcement. Our kydex holsters are made to last for life.

      Wear It All Day


      Designed to be so light & comfortable, you never want to take it off. Just ask our customers.
      Attention To Detail

      C&G Holsters are designed by former law enforcement to be practical and tactical. Our unique design features are inspired by real-life experience like our holster's tall sight channel, solid locking retention, & more.



      Fit and finish is top notch. Very comfortable for all day OWB carry. I’m hooked on C&G holsters and magazine carriers, especially the Slim Line.


      I’ve been in Law Enforcement for 23 years and have had several holsters in that time. This is the best holster I have ever had. I use it everyday for work and am always impressed by its comfort and the way it secures my firearm in my side. I love it!!!


      Awesome Holsters! I have 4 C&G holsters and I absolutely love them all! They are the best of the best in my opinion!

      North Carolina

      This holster is ridiculously comfortable. It hugs surprisingly tight to the body without jamming my weapon into me, and is adjustable to whatever height I need it at very easily.


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