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      G.B. (Arizona)
      A Perfect Fit

      I’ve been looking for a low-profile, OWB holster that meets certain criteria. 1) It had to be low profile and add a minimum of bulk. 2) It had to secure the firearm snugly and cover all access to the trigger. 3) It had to provide for safe holstering and reholstering. 4) It had to be comfortable to carry and print minimally.

      This holster adds minimal bulk, which is important when carrying a chunky and large pistol concealed. Especially my FNX Tacticle 45. The pistol snaps securely into place when holstered and doesn't shake loose. Although the retention can be adjusted, I haven't found a need to do so. The holster is solid so there are no concerns on holster material getting in the trigger well. It's not the most comfortable holster without an undershirt but with one it's fine. As a final note, the price is fair for the product you get.

      This holster is the first one to meet all those requirements with a good balance. I tried more comfortable kydex holsters with more adjustability that were too bulky. I tried soft holsters, but I was very wary of and uncomfortable with reholstering and had problems where the holster came off the belt with the pistol on the draw. I sweat pretty easily so I didn't want leather for an OWB.

      Thanks to CG holsters for making a great holster that doesn't break the bank.

      J.B. (Arizona)
      Great holster

      This is a quality holster that fits my FNX .45 with optic. I had a rough time finding a holster that fits this pistol but i like this one. Nice quality and affordable.

      L.R. (Colorado)
      Highly recommend

      I had a hard time finding a holster for my Fnx .45 tac but gave this one a shot. It was everything i was looking for and did not disappoint. Superb quality and no issues so far after a few trips to the range. Locks the gun securely and has a smooth draw. Not to mention the price is very affordable as far as holsters go especially for this quality. 5 of 5 highly recommend this product.


      Let customers speak for us

      2945 reviews
      Fits right

      Nice to have a solid holster for the cp33!

      Walther PDP 4" OWB Covert Kydex Holster

      So far so good. I haven't had a chance to use it much on the range, but for the times I have, I really like it. Fits tight to the waist, great retention - just right - and a good feel overall. I have used it for concealed carry, and it's snug fit to the waist is a huge plus. I would like to see it come in a paddle holster option. I also bought an extra magazine holster. I hoped that the mag holster would have come with a way to secure it to the pistol holster, but it does not, and it has a habit of floating away from the pistol holster on my belt. Overall, I am happy with my purchase, and I will buy your products again.

      Good purchase

      Fits the 380 EZ perfectly. High quality materials and construction. Great for CCW.

      My most comfortable holster!

      Like many people, I have a drawer full of holsters for a variety of firearms. The C&G OWB COVERT KYDEX HOLSTER for the WALTHER PDP 5" is more comfortable than ANY of my other holsters, leather or kydex. This geometry just works for me. I use it primarily for open carry. I frequently wear it on hikes for several hours at a time. I usually wear a double layer nylon 1.75" belt with this and other holsters. With all of my other holsters, by the time I get done with a long hike, I am very ready to get the holster off. I am happy to wear this one all day, everyday because it is so comfortable. It fits my gun well (Walther full size PDP 5” with a Holosun 508T). The construction quality is great. The retention adjustment is simple (single screw) and works very well. The draw is quick and smooth. The holstering click is brisk and clear. The retention is secure. The gun is tucked in well by this holster. My arm swings past the gun with no interference while hiking/walking. The gun does not dig into my bulging flank. I have used this holster for CCW under a longer jacket or shirt. Surprisingly, considering the size of the firearm, there is not much printing. I usually carry a smaller firearm for CCW, but none of my smaller firearms rides as comfortably as this one in this holster. I am usually not an overly positive reviewer. I rarely write reviews, I just vote with my feet and money. But this product has earned my respect and, in my opinion, deserves my full recommendation. The only problem now is that this holster isn’t available for all of my other firearms. I like this one so well that I might consider only buying handguns that they make this holster for in the future.

      Going to give it a little more time

      Going to try some lithium grease inside the holster. Maybe things will improve.

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