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love at first draw

love this holster for my shadow 2

It's ok

The image on the website does not match the item delivered completely. The image on the website shows a quick retention screw (silver top screw), the delivered product has a normal screw. As for fit, it dose not fit perfect the magazine release hits the holster, but was fixed with a little shaving. Also the placement of the screws towards the bottom of the holster are very hard to get out.

Thank you for your inquiry. We appreciate your feedback and will be sure to have the webmaster update the image for that item asap. However, when selected all of our products have detailed descriptions of exactly what you are going to get if read (the quick adjust knob is an upgrade and not a standard option for Quickships b/c of their cost). We encourage customers to contact us if they have any concerns about their holster (i.e. - your mag release concern) and not to modify the holster as it voids the warranty. We will do everything we can to accommodate and/or correct any concerns when we are aware of them. Lastly, the retention screws (which are the screws I believe you are referring to when you say the screws towards the bottom?) are not supposed to be removed unless replaced by Quick Adjust Knobs. If you are referring to the screws that hold the DOTS attachment, those screws are assembled with semi-permanent glue so that after continued wear and tear, the hardware does not come loose and fall out. We have methods to help remove the glued hardware (without damaging the holster or attachments) when a customers contact us for assistance. We would be happy to share with you (if needed), just send an email to sales@candgarms.com. I hope that helps clarify a few things and thank you for your business!
Great product

Perfect fit for my shadow 2. Great services as well.

Highly recommended.


Great holster

Excellent Holster

Amazing fitting. I would recommend it to others.

Great Holster

Bought this for my Shadow 2. Love the ease of setup. Install and removal on my belt is brilliant. Feel, Draw and reholster are flawless. Highly recommend this holster

CZ Shadow 2

Great holster all around. It was my first competition holster I have ever got, and I can say I’m not disappointed in it. Great shopping experience, and fast shipping. Will buy from here in the future. Thank you C&G Holsters!

Trial at TPC

I bought my holster specifically for use at my class at TPC in Utah. There were a few people there that had gear issues, I was not one of them. After 3 days,1500 rounds and more draws and re-holster drills I can remember, my CZ Shadow 2 Competition Kydex Holster held up like a champ. No adjustments were needed as far as retention or height. I put it on my belt and it stayed in place and fully operational the entire 3 days. Love it.


CZ Shadow 2 Competition Kydex Holster - Quickship

Excellent service, excellent holster

Bought the holster for the CZ Shadow 2.

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As usual with all products we've purchased from C & G Holsters, we were quite pleased. Quality is excellent.


I was looking for a nice holster for my Sig P320 and instead found a GREAT holster. I am so happy with my purchase. I haven't even carried it yet just keep looking at it. It it well worth the money every penny. Everyone I show it to says it's a sweet holster. I've emailed C&G to see if they could make me an 21rd mag IWB holder to match hoping they can. Waiting on that response now keeping my fingers crossed. This holster completes my Sig.

Great gear

Once again Chris and his team stepped up and made superior product comfortable to wear easy to conceal and at a fair price yet again.

Just what I needed

Bought mag carrier a while back with smaller belt loops so being able to order these without buying a whole new mag carrier is the way to go.

I was sceptical, but daaamn, C&G holsters are the best so far! Never seen such a great product! Highly recommended! Thank you!!