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    Welcome to C&G Holsters! We’re your #1 source for Kydex holsters!

    C&G Holsters is a family run business that was started in 2008 by Christopher J. Burns, its founder and President. Frustrated by his inability to find a quality Kydex holster, Chris decided to design and construct a Kydex holster that would be functional, practical, and reliable.  Initially, Chris only made a few holsters in his garage for himself and his close friends.  However, the reputation of Chris’ garage made holsters quickly spread through the local law enforcement and shooting communities and the demand for his holsters steadily increased. This was the birth of C&G Holsters.

    From C&G’s humble beginning where Chris made a few holsters in his garage, over the past 8 years C&G Holsters has grown into a thriving business and is currently distributing quality Kydex holsters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee and Connecticut.  C&G Holsters is constantly expanding its distribution territory and is in the process of expanding nationwide.

    The cornerstone of C&G Holsters is, and has always been, uncompromising quality and unwavering attention to detail.  Chris’ personal philosophy of strict adherence to the highest quality control standards, never letting any C&G holster leave the production line unless it was 110% perfect and treating customers and retailers with respect and fairness has been the recipe for C&G’s remarkable growth, expansion and success.

    From the very first holster he made in 2008, Chris decided to construct his holsters using 100% American made materials. Taking it one step further, Chris supports his neighbors by procuring all of the materials necessary for his Kydex holsters from local businesses.

    Chris chose Law Enforcement as his profession to enable him to serve his community. In addition to overseeing the daily operations at C&G, Chris is also an active Law Enforcement Officer. At C&G, Chris works closely with his son Gary, the “G” of C&G Holsters. In addition to working with his family, the remainder of the C&G team is comprised of veterans of the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement Officers and competitive shooters.

    Thank you for taking the time to view our website.  If you have any questions regarding any of our holsters, please Contact Us. We look forward to serving you.


    Christopher J. Burns

    Founder and President of C&G Holsters

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