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1201 reviews
Yet another solid product from C&G

I don't believe there's much to say about this product other than that its just as high quality as everything else C&G makes. Fits all of my double-stack magazines perfectly and with that philips-head screw for adjustment it's easy to make sure it's perfect for every different magazine.

Wonderful IWB holster plus extra mag

This holster is shockingly comfortable. I have a Beretta M9A3 and I'm a little on the heavy side, but this holster fits tight to me and there is basically zero printing. The concealment wing is an absolute must for something on the large side, as it makes sure the grip is held tight to your body. On my thinner belts the clip with this holster does not grip properly and sometimes has brought the holster with the weapon during practice draws, though once I received the tactical belt, the inner belt of that system is perfect for this holster. I look forward to purchasing more of these holsters for other firearms in the future!

Great holster!

First of all great customer service. Fast response to questions.

Second, the holster itself is a good fit for my Sig P320 XCarry slide with a Streamlight TLR-7A light. Asked for and got the precut for a reflex sight.

Comfortable and practical holster

This holster is ridiculously comfortable. It hugs surprisingly tight to the body without jamming my weapon into me, and is adjustable to whatever height I need it at very easily. It also provides that perfect level of retention where drawing is very easy, but accidentally removing the weapon is difficult or impossible. My only problem is, as a bigger guy, it prints a lot under something like a t-shirt, though I know that is not the holster's fault. All in all, this is a great holster and, with the right retention system, could even work for IWB carry.

Wonderful and useful belt

I use the internal belt all day, every day. Its super comfortable and, because of the hook-and-loop system, i never have to readjust it once I have it properly set. The outer belt is a little stiff, but that is very nice for holding all of your various gear. The mollie webbing makes attachment and retention super easy and super stable, and the hook-and-loop system between the belts holds tight through any situation. The cobra buckle on the outer belt is super easy to operate and I've not had it come loose on me at all. Wonderful products, and I'm for certain going to be ordering another of these when I inevitably wear mine out.