Our boy is off to become a man.

Our boy is off to become a man.

Gary spent his last day at the shop before his journey of walking the yellow boot prints of the warriors before him.  He has chosen to walk the path few have followed. Our boy Gary is going to earn his EGA and become a warrior in the United States Marines.    

Its crazy seeing the change from "The owners kid" to a strong willed leader of a man taking place before your very eyes and its a path we all know he is capable of.  When I (C&G Marketing Guy) first entered this family business I knew you and your father had something special and the time I have spent with you never ceases to impress me.  You are strong, full of great ideas, a leader, moral and ethical.   You will make an excellent Marine and I am proud to know you as I have.

You are nervous now, and rightfully so.  This will be a challenging journey, but this journey will lead you to find yourself and what you are capable of.  This path will lead to an unrivaled sense of accomplishment and will enter you in to a special club of men and woman who will always have your back.  Never forget you are not alone.  You have an entire family of special people that are cheering you on from home and want nothing but success for you.   Don't believe me ?

So there ya go kid.  You've got a whole team of people behind you praying and rooting for your success. We all know you are capable of great things and are eager to see it.   So from your fathers goofy marketing guy to a young man about to earn his place at the adults table... just remember there is no quit, don't volunteer for anything, yell loud and don't forget to lock your foot locker. You got this,  Retreat Hell



  • Dan

    To Gary B III,
    Welcome to the brotherhood. No doubt you will make new paths, accomplish great things, and make your country proud. There are many people before you who you will look to for guidance. There are many people behind you who you will look to for support, and we will be there for you. This is YOUR time. Go for it with gusto and confidence. Remember, in a few short months, YOU will be the example many young people will then look up to as a model of strength and excellence; something they strive to attain. We are blessed to have you stand watch over us. May God bless you always. Thanks for serving. (USAF vet)

  • Larry Arrey

    Congratulations Gary! Thank you for your service. Take care.

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