E-Collar remote holder review by Ray Allen Manufacturing

E-Collar remote holder review by Ray Allen Manufacturing

Ray Allen Manufacturing perfectly explains our SK-9 OWB E-Collar Remote Holders. Read their review now:

Holsters for E-Collar Remotes - C&G Holsters


Without question, one of the most important pieces of gear K9 officers need to have on their belt is an E-Collar remote holster. Learn about the importance of this piece of equipment, and discover one of the newest brands we’ve brought on at Ray Allen.


Dog E-Collar holsters are definitely not new to the industry. Designed to keep an E-Collar remote secure during intense action, police officers and handlers who work with hardcore K9s are especially fond of these holsters.

In the past, we’ve run several holster options that suit the needs of the person wearing them. Officers have been able to choose between various brands that are tailored to the specifications of all of the top dog E-Collar models, as well as varying belt sizes. However, we were continuously in search of a brand that created holsters with a precision-cut design to securely fit every E-Collar remote.


Not too long ago, we met the awesome team with C&G Holsters at a conference. Soon after checking out what they had to offer, we realized that they make some of the best E-Collar remote holster models on the market. Aligned with our goal to bring on the best-fitting dog E-Collar remote holsters available, we began carrying the range of products offered by C&G.

In addition to boasting a superior fit for various remote sizes and styles, C&G holsters also deliver a number of other top-tier benefits for handlers:

  • Computerized cut: One of the first things we noticed about C&G models is that they’re all designed and machined by a computer, ensuring a precise cut down to fractions of an inch. CNC machining also provides a higher level of concealment and comfort while you’re wearing the piece.
  • Ultra secure: Rest easy knowing your transmitter is always safe by your side when it's in a C&G Holster. Every holster is made of Kydex and features thicker screws than competitors. Plus, select models have retention cords that act as an extra layer of security, keeping your transmitter in place while you’re on the go.
  • Excellent belt system: There’s no point in owning a holster if it doesn’t attach to your belt. All C&G Holsters are adjustable to fit any belt size, and they come with an ultra-secure lock that eliminates all wobble. Not wearing a belt? No problem! C&G Holsters clip on to any pair of tactical pants or a tactical backpack.
  • Easy access: Despite their heavy-duty design, these holsters allow for easy access to your E-Collar remote. Seamlessly adjust your E-Collar’s level, turn the unit on or off, or simply view the main screen.

On top of all of the above, C&G Holsters are 100% made in the USA by veterans & law enforcement. Having expert input from individuals who are actually in the field has helped elevate each C&G E-Collar remote holster above all other designs.


At Ray Allen, we proudly sell a wide range of products, including the best brands of dog E-Collars. Top brands that we carry include Garmin and Dogtra. Searching for the best dog E-Collar to pair with a sturdy and dependable C&G Holster? Explore our E-Collar Comparison Chart and our Ultimate Guide to Dog E-Collars!


Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing and selling the highest quality K9 equipment for dog handlers and their partners right here in America for over 70 years.

From dog collars to leashes, harnesses, and more, look no further than Ray Allen when you need the best, hand-made equipment for yourself and your dog.

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