Check out the new and improved C&G Website!!

Check out the new and improved C&G Website!!

We have been hard at work to bring you a revamped shopping experience.  Before there were some strange navigation issues popping up, Some products weren't being represented properly or even just a confusing way to reach what you need. 

We are happy to announce that we have completely overhauled everything!
You will now find multiple ways to reach the same goal.   You can search by model, search by what ships the fastest, find a custom holster....etc etc....

There are Color-coded ribbons to help aid you to navigate and shop!  

Green = Quickship, which ships in 0-2 days

Purple = Which is the Complete Custom holster option.

Red = Has the ability to have an Alpha Upgrade Package to bring your holster to the next level.

Check it out and tell us your thoughts!

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