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Shield .45 OWB Holster

Most comfortable holster I've ever used. I can cover this handgun with a t-shirt on in this holster.

Excellent holster and service. Had a custom slim mag holder made to match.

Awesome holster

I got the IWB holster for my shield with laser. I can never find the right fit and one that is comfortable. The CG holster blows every other provider out of the water. Slim design yet holds gun rim and just the right amount of detent to knock w when the gun is seated. I have Fobus . Blackhawk, Desantis as well as custom made holsters and have a good basis of comparisons

Well thought out kydex holster

I’m convinced C&G almost has the best Kydex holstersWhy? The holster provides full coverage of the gun’s mag release, safety, and trigger.This ensures that nothing can pull or act upon the guns firing mechanisms and mechanics. MANUVERABILITY is great aspect of the holster. The holster’s belt clip is sturdy, thick, and tight against whatever belt size you wear. This allows for secure attachment to your body and also allows you to change positions of the holster discretely to slide around the belt if you want to change positions. Whenever inserting the gun into the holster there is a satisfying clicking noise to ensure that your gun is snapped securely into the holster. Furthermore, it allows for adjustable tensions to the holster. The holster also contains a raised area for sights that are raised and not the normal custom m&p sights. The top of the holster extends high upward to ensure the gun does not rub against your body (Also another great perk) I rate the holster a 9 out of 10. Its a fantastic well thought out yet simplistic and no bullshit holster.

100% Reliable

Took my shield to the range the other weekend and loved the way it felt in this holster. The retention felt perfect, snugged with enough give for an easy draw. I would recommend this holster and brand to all. Can't go wrong with any of these, I also own a G 19/23 OWB, and a Shield 9/40 IWB all feel perfect.



M&P Compact 2.0 IWB

Great holster for concealed carry.


Great fit and really good quality

C&G Pro Grade Kydex for my M&P 2.0 Compact

I recently purchased the new S&W M&P 2.0 Compact and immediately began my search for an IWB holster. I fortunately discovered the C&G website and found that they were one of the few companies that offered a Kydex IWB holster for this recently released handgun. I decided to give them a try. I couldn't be happier!! The quality is outstanding and the comfort level is beyond my many other more expensive custom leather holsters. I love to feel the "Click" as the pistol is fully seated. I've since purchased a CT Laserguard and anxiously await C&G's offering for this latest upgrade.

Best IWB Holster Ever!!

This company and their products, customer service, and turnaround time is amazing. I am glad they exist because this is exactly the type of products missing from the holster industry. Thank you for a solid quality product.

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Stefan from action impact

Chris is the fuckin man!!!

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Its tight

Loved the holster its perfect ..I got this for a Springfield 911. Its so thin abd holds the gun into place.. I'm a 270 lb man with a role or two and my previous holster allowed the gun to flop. This holds it tight against my body so it doesn't print..


as usual the holsters from c&g are a cut above the rest. we just recently got an hk p30 holster and some ar mags and were once again reminded that quality and customer service are still alive and well!