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      Customer Reviews

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      L.V. (Kansas)
      Excellent Holster!!!

      The moment I opened the package and took out this holster, I knew immediately that I had made an excellent choice. And, after a little adjusting of then retention screw to make it a little easier to pull my PDP 5 inch out, it is perfect!! I like the way it carries on my side, tucking in tight when carrying it as my primary CCW!!! I have purchased holsters that are similar in material and construction but I have to say that this holster is my favorite!!!

      J.L. (Michigan)
      A very fortunate discovery.

      So there I was, frantically using my computer to find a kydex holster for my Walther PDP-5". I talked to a salesman at Galco and another at Holsterco. "No, we don't have a holster for that gun; not enough interest" Did they really think that I was the only buyer of a PDP 5"? And then, just by happenstance, I found the C&G ad. Hallelujah!
      So, I ordered it and it was delivered 8-days later. Now the reward I received for ordering from C&G. The holster was beautiful. I have kydex holsters from Raven, Holsterco and DoubleTap. The quality and fit surpasses all of those. A week or so after receiving my C&G holster, I was in the gun shop that sold me my PDP and two guys were there, both purchasing a PDP 5". While they were waiting for the NICS check to go through, I told them about C&G. Whether they order their holsters now or later, they'll be really impressed with their C&G product. And just a word to the Galco and Holsterco folks. In my extensive experience seeking and purchasing PDP holsters, you should just as well not make a holster for the Walther PDP-5" because there have only been three sold so far and there won't be enough interest to justify your production costs. Honestly.

      M.R. (North Carolina)
      Army beats Navy! Ha ha ha...

      This old retired soldier, has gone through many many different types of holsters. This one is what I am having on all the time. For a Navy dude, they have done a real good job.
      Thanks to my Navy and Marine brothers working there for such a great job.
      May God bless all of you


      Let customers speak for us

      2712 reviews
      Great but…

      Everything you would need in a holster. Very well made. My only “personal” issue with it is it rides up way too high for my body and belt placement. I wish I could lower / tuck it in another inch or so.

      Great fit

      Quick ship is just that, had the holster in two days. The CP33 fits great in this holster. It does ride a little high, but is such a tall gun. I would like to see a single point belt support drop leg attachment made for this holster…would make the gun ride lower tactical style, for that walk in the woods.

      Needs some work but not a bad holster

      First off the holster appears to be good quality and well put together. Adjustments for retention can be made easily with a screwdriver. Now I have a walther pdp full size and you can tell the holster was made for this gun but it was not made for every detail of the gun. The holster is open ended so the serrations of the gun rub after a full day of carrying, also there is no protection from the back of the slide and rear sights which rub as well when carrying. Finally the magazine holster grabs skin and pinches every time I bend over but overall it is as advertised a decent holster but Is lacking and needs a few modifications for this particular gun.

      PDP w/ RMR ready.

      It was honestly about two weeks from order to reception, but that’s to be expected with the state of all things custom made.

      The holster is Badass. Absolutely, unequivocally, badass. The retention is mean and solid, so much so that you can shake the holster upside down with zero issue (your risk if you don’t take my word for it), but the release is as simple as an intentional tug in an upwards direction. Layman’s terms: The weapon stays put exactly when you want it to, but also comes out, exactly when you want it to.

      I configured mine for a Walther PDP compact 4” with a Trijicon RMR mounted. It’s very apparent that when they molded the holster, they either used a real PDP, or a very precise model. The RMR cut is perfect, there is no interference, and I can’t feel the optic. That’s a win for me.

      The only caveat is that it’s not a small holster. It’s a commitment to carry. Sitting down in a chair or vehicle with this holster appendix or side isn’t fun, but then again, sitting down with any IWB holster isn’t meant to be fun. IWB is utilitarian.

      This holster has super solid retention, a magazine slot (what!? Awesome!), and barely prints, if at all. I’m a big guy, with almost no belly. Appendix, this holster, with a “full size” duty gun, and an RMR, virtually disappears under a normal fit long t-shirt. I just have to remember not to sit down swiftly, because I forget that I’m wearing it sometimes, and it’s really good at reminding me (they call it appendix carry for a reason, because it will sucker punch you straight in the appendix if you forget).

      Great people, fabulous holster, not necessarily for all occasions (but easily most).

      Well made!

      Tight fit!

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