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      Why Kydex holsters? Well let’s start with the history of Kydex and how it got started being used in holsters.


      According to Wikipedia:  Kydex sheeting was originally produced in 1965 by the chemical manufacturing company Rohm and Haas. Initially, the intended use was for aircraft interiors. In 1987, the product line was purchased by Kydex LLC (formerly Kleerdex) a subsidiary of Sekisui SPI which manufactures the material in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

      Then in 1995 the Kydex revolution began. Blade-Tech founder Tim Wegner ruined a few toaster ovens in his kitchen in early attempts to make some Kydex knife sheaths. Wegner’s wife lovingly requested he move his budding business to the garage (where most companies are normally started). When friends pointed out to Wegner that one shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight, the business began to focus on Kydex gun holsters.

      Fast-forward 25 years. Due to functionality and popularity, Kydex (and Boltaron) holsters have taken over the market. The disparity in quality is vast. Most guys sandwich heated Kydex between thick foam sheets and a basic gun mold and vice them tightly together until they cool. Some have figured out how to use a rubber membrane/vacuum combination and those same molds for a slightly different style of forming.

      That leaves your professional holster companies (such as C&G). We create a 3-D image of each firearm and then use CNC (Computer Numeric Controls) machining techniques to create standards of quality and consistency that are unmatched in all of our holsters. Since C&G started with a foam press and heat gun, through honest hard work and growth we understand Kydex on all levels of production. Through the latest technology, we implement our standards, artistic value and requirements into all our holsters at the design stage. Through CNC technology, we repeat it every time down to .003 inch! For the customer, that equals consistency and quality in every C&G Holster.

      Let’s also talk about thickness; C&G Holsters uses .080 inch and .093-inch-thick Kydex-100 sheeting for all our holsters. We have found (though hard usage as Law Enforcement Officers) that .080-inch thickness Kydex-100 is the perfect blend of durability and size for our holsters. And unlike leather, C&G Kydex Holsters do not need a “break in period”, do not collapse on re-holstering and last a lifetime.

      ***We also recycle all of our Kydex scrapes, overage and extras***

      As for colors C&G has one of the largest selections period. Below are some of the colors we have:


      Camo Patterns:

      A-Tacs IX
      A-Tacs VP
      A-Tacs Vista
      A-Tacs LE
      A-Tacs FG
      A-Tacs Bonz
      A-Tacs AU
      Digi Pink
      Digi Forest
      Digi Desert
      Digi Arctic
      3D Hexcam 5Echo
      3D Hexcam Adirondack
      3D Hexcam Makalu
      3D Hexcam Spectre
      3d Hexcam WastelandHexcam Wasteland7
      Hexcam Spectre13
      Hexcam 5Echo
      KUIU Verde
      KUIU Vias
      Micro Kryptek Raid
      Micro Kryptek Neptune
      Micro Kryptek Pontus
      Micro Kryptek Altitude
      Micro Kryptek Yeti
      Micro Kryptek Typhon
      Micro Kryptek Nomad
      Micro Kryptek Mandrake
      Micro Kryptek Highlander
      Moon Shine Camouflage® Harvest Moon®
      Moon Shine Camouflage® Muddy Girl®
      Moon Shine Camouflage® Undertow®
      Moon Shine Camouflage® Wildfire®
      MultiCam® Original
      Multi Pattern



      Let customers speak for us

      2887 reviews
      IWB use with G19X , red dot sight

      Great holster, very rugged belt attachment system. Happy to find one for a lefty! Would purchase again.


      Good quality, fast shipping, & excellent fit. Worth every penny.


      This is my second holster from C&G and will not be the last. Great work guy's.

      Great holster

      Very well built and comfortable appendix holster. Quality was definitely top priority with their products. No rough edges from the process. Fits my 1911 compact perfectly. Absolutely no complaints or regrets on this product.

      Just amazing

      It is really well made and the gun fits perfectly.

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