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    C&G Adds Sergeant Major Jamey Caldwell to C&G Pro Staff

    Pittsburgh, PA. (Dec 1, 2017) – C&G Arms LLC Chief Executive Officer Christopher J. Burns, announces Jamey Caldwell to the C&G Pro staff. “I have known Jamey for 2 years. When I first met him I was impressed with the passion he has for fishing and his humbleness and humility of being a true American hero.” 

    Jamey retired from the US ARMY after an illustrious 21-year career so he can devote more time to his family and his passion for fishing.

    Looking back at his accomplishments he had spent 7 years with the 75th Ranger Regiment and then the following 14 as an Operator in an Elite Special Operations unit. He wouldn’t share much about his time there but records indicate he deployed 14 times to austere environments in support of the Global War On Terror and was awarded over 30 medals with 3 of them directly for Valorous actions. Caldwell has numerous other awards and training courses to include (CQB) Close Quarters Battle and Special Operations sniper tactics.

    Jamey Caldwell promoted to C&G Holsters pro staff pictured in Army class A uniformJamey Caldwell promoted to C&G Holsters pro staff pictured fishing the FLW tourJamey Caldwell promoted to C&G Holsters pro staff pictured in a special operations unit during a deploymenty to Iraq

    “The character and drive of the men at that elite tier of the military shows in everything Jamey does.”  says Burns. “Whether Jamey is teaching an advanced CQB class or 15 min till weigh in at a Bassmaster or FLW event, Jamey’s passion and professionalism shows. Whatever Jamey does we know he is going to position himself at that elite level and C&G is honored to help him.” Jamey will be the C&G brand ambassador for advanced law enforcement training, tactical training and the everyday outdoorsman. 

    "C&G is a company that possesses the same attention to detail, passion, and overall drive as I do to be the best at everything they put their name on. I am very excited about this opportunity to work with Chris and everyone at C&G.” Says Jamey

    C&G Holsters is a Law Enforcement owned and operated family business specializing in Kydex Holsters for firearms, medical, Law Enforcement and shooting accessories.


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