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Well worth the money.

Comfortable,sturdy and doesn’t pull way from your side. Very well made as it fits my side arm perfectly. I bought my first for a Glock 17. I liked it so much I bought another for my G43.

Love it!

Perfect fit. Amazing quality and extremely quick delivery. Most comfortable IWB there is! Keep up the great work C&G!!! I’ll be back for more.

Best off-duty and casual wear holster.

This is the solid, close to the body holster I was looking for. It’s a clean, smooth draw and Seats secure when holstered. In my opinion this is the perfect holster for this firearm. It’s solid and a quality made piece. Highly recommended for off-duty or a casual carry. Very easy to conceal while it’s extremely accessible due to the canter and size. Belt loops are strong and hold the firearm in place. Great holster, great job!

Glock 43 IWB

I’ve got many pistols and also have a big box of unused holsters that didn’t work to my liking. I came across C&G by chance at Field and Stream and figured I would give it a try. I have a ”We The People” holster for my G42 and it works great. This one appeared to be similarly made and while priced a little higher (probably the same after shipping) it was there and convenient so I figured what could go wrong. Well I was right! This holster IMO is just a little bit better than the WTP version. The belt clip on this holster hands down is better fitting and more rigid than the other one I mentioned which IMO makes this a better product. I did however have to make a small modification because I prefer my pistol to be as close to my side as possible and I didn’t really care for the kydex around the mag release. It tends to annoy my skin and make it a little uncomfortable. Easy fix with a dremel tool and 5 minutes of my time. Next time I’m looking for an appendix holster I won’t hesitate to look for a C&G. Thanks for a good product and widespread availability!

Well Thought out holster

I reached out to Chris for a couple of holsters to review for our YouTube channel. Chris kindly sent not one but two holsters. One of which was the OWB Covert for the Glock 43. Since I carry a Glock 43 off duty it was a match made in heave. If you're looking for a well designed, super comfortable holster look no further than C&G.
The finish and attention to detail are second to none. I'm pretty selective about holsters but C&G checked all the boxes and have a great holsters at a very reasonable price.

Glock 43

This was my first C&G holster. I’ve bought over 5 different holsters for my glocks and I feel like this is the best for me. The fit and finish is top notch. The only issue I had and it was totally my fault is the retaintion screw came loose and It fell out. It doesn’t come lock-tited so you can adjust set it to your liking. Again this was totally my fault. I also like that it’s local to me so I always try and support local businesses.
Bottom line,
Great holsters from a great company.

Glock 43

Great fit, can hardly tell it is there. My gun is safe, secure & ready to roll.

Quality Holster

A well-made holster, pairs great with my G43

Glock 43 IWB holster

As with everything we've gotten from C&G, it is extremely well thought out. Other holster brands we have are headed to the gun show to get rid of.

Glock 43

This is my first iwb kydex holster. Love it won't use another. The magazine holster is awesome as well!

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Custom OWB Covert Kydex Pistol & Mag Holster Combo

Fits like a glove

After a quick ship, very happy to receive my new C&G holster. It fits my P80 v2 like a glove and clears the night sights perfectly. The lock-in is just right, it won't come out unexpectedly but doesn't require a "death grip" to draw either. It sits where I want it on my belt right out of the box. Also, even though it is sized for the long P80 v2, it also works for the P80 compact version (the holster nose is just longer than it needs but it works fine!). Very happy with it, and nicely made. I'll be back to C&G next go-round... Thanks folks!

Repeat Customer

Simple, functional design perfectly executed...
Customer service is excelent. You can talk to a real person who knows their product and isn’t in a rush to get you off the phone.

CZ Shadow II Holster

Great fit, quality, ship and service...5 star

Awesome fit. Easily concealed with G19 gen 5 with tlr-1HL.