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Awesome holster

Donut Operator turned me on to this company and i’m very happy that he did! This appendix holster fits me very well. I’m 6’3 and about 180lbs so a not-skin-tight shirt is all i need to not noticeably print. The cut out for a red dot sight allows me to keep open the option of upgrading my gun in the future. The adjustable retention screws are simple but very effective at increasing the amount of force required to unholster the firearm. All-in-all i’m very pleased with the quality of the product for concealed carry and recommend it to anybody looking to buy

Glock 19 OWB

I do not like to carry a firearm because I am lazy. The C&G products have changed my life, I carry daily now. I have a bunch of C&G products not only for EDC but for competition as well. I like seeing local companies with great products!!!


Glock 19/23 APLc IWB Covert Kydex Holster - Quickship

Excellent holster

Communication was great, shipping was fast, and the fit and finish of the holster was excellent. I've already ordered another from them for owb carry.


Love it! I’ve been getting 100-200 reps a day it’s very easy to use and easy to move a jacket out of the way to get the gun up quick. Also love the triple slim

This holster is better than advertised!

I have had many holsters throughout my LEO career but this one has really impressed me. The workmanship is perfect and it was not a simple design considering the RMR and the taclight.

Great Holster

This holster has an audible click and secure retention which makes it easier to apply to law enforcement duties where the gun will not fall out in regular function, like running, jumping, climbing, walking, in out of vehicles, or dealing with a combative subject. I have seen other holsters where the gun just slips in and out with no effort. This holster takes the worry away.

Glock 19x APLc IWB

holster shipped fast fits snug and clip holds tight to my slide gun belts. The holster feels safe and secure to carry appendix style and is already cut for an rmr if I decide to go that route. I would recommend this holster to anyone.

Glock 19 iWB

Excellent appendix carry holster. Easy to deploy on target & then reholster. Comfortable carrying while standing as well as seated.

Everyday Holster

Excellent choice! I use my IWB holster daily. Safely secures my weapon & I highly recommend it.

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Custom OWB Covert Kydex Pistol & Mag Holster Combo

Fits like a glove

After a quick ship, very happy to receive my new C&G holster. It fits my P80 v2 like a glove and clears the night sights perfectly. The lock-in is just right, it won't come out unexpectedly but doesn't require a "death grip" to draw either. It sits where I want it on my belt right out of the box. Also, even though it is sized for the long P80 v2, it also works for the P80 compact version (the holster nose is just longer than it needs but it works fine!). Very happy with it, and nicely made. I'll be back to C&G next go-round... Thanks folks!

Repeat Customer

Simple, functional design perfectly executed...
Customer service is excelent. You can talk to a real person who knows their product and isn’t in a rush to get you off the phone.

CZ Shadow II Holster

Great fit, quality, ship and service...5 star

Awesome fit. Easily concealed with G19 gen 5 with tlr-1HL.